Bay to Breakers, Bare to Breakers!

 What an experience!
 I have been a runner and a nudist for some time, but never
 thought I could mix the two.  Then I heard about Bay to Breakers.
 My first reaction was No way.  For one thing it smacked of the
 kind of action that causes more repressive laws, ei. The Naked Guy
 at Sanford (I think).  However, as I read and heard more it 
 became clear that it was a fairly accepted practice, though only
 a minority of those running choose that particular costume.
 Speaking of costumes, I should point out that the race is really
 two events.  One composed of the "serious" runners who are 
 generally at the front, and from Africa.  They run the race in
 around half an hour.  The remainders are running for fun - many 
 in costume.  Nude being a more-or-less accepted division.
 Anyway, I purchased a low-fair airplane ticket from SouthWest
 airlines, which ment that I got to see more airports than I have
 my whole life ;-)  I stayed at the Lupin Nudist Resort, near SF.
 So far everything had been arranged over the net, but then came 
 the feat of getting over to the race from Lupin.  Fortunatly, 
 Dave (of let me crash over at his place for a couple
 nights and I rode with him to the race.  
 At first we had problems finding the runners.  Because we were late
 we wound up at the back of the pack of +70,000 runners and did not
 find the other nude runners.  David and I were by ourselfs.  I said
 something to Dave about undressing, but he was feeling nervous.  A 
 few minutes after the gun sounded I glanced around and taking a deep
 sigh, took it all off.  8-()
 There were a few sreaks, alot of pointing, and gigling.  Several 
 people took my picture and several more had there picture taken
 with them.  It was great!
 All this time we were waiting for the pack to move forward.  It took
 almost 30 minutes before we crossed the starting line - the leaders
 were almost at the finish line!   As soon as we could break free,
 Dave and I started running through the crowd, which gave us wide
 bearth, as we were both naked.  
 Along the way I could see the police and the TV camermen, but they
 did not bother us.  Some people would shout, "hey look behind you",
 or "Here comes the NAKED Guy!".  Most of the comments were positive,
 some were rude, only a few were negative.  
 More pictures were taken.  My favorite of which was with two good
 looking young women as we walked though the park after the race.
 After the race I put my shorts on and collected all the goodies I 
 could.  Dave and I got back together (I had passed him up) and went
 All in all an event of a life time and one I hope you as the reader
 will concider.

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