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Contents and Disclaimer

This is intended to be a page for those who want to concider
Open Water Swimming.  

Disclaimer:  I am a novice and this page is expected to grow as I
become more proficient my self.  

Why start now?  In order to show the steps taken by someone, 
not a swimmer, takes in order to become a procient Long Distant 
Swimmer.  My long range goal, and it is a long range goal is to
be the first person to swimm the Enlgish Channel - nude!  
So, stay tunned to my diary and tips learned.


This summer teams of swimmers will swimm the channel, nude!
For a chance to sponser a swimmer mail me or

Long Distance Open Water List of Links

My Swimming Diary:
Notes on swimming techniques and stroke information!: NEW!
Open water swimming events!: NEW!

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