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Sept. 1997  
I started to start training to swimm long distance.
First step was to select some gogles and a buy a swim suit,
(something nudist don't usally need).

Tried several gogles, which leaked badly.  Very depressing.  Not
sure if I can continue with this swimming thing.  I can run 
several miles, but can only swim a few 25 Yard laps.

Finally found a gogle that works - Racetech by TYR!  Things
are looking up.  I can swim 3-4 laps, don't get any water in my
gogles, and the gogles feel great.

Nov.  1997

Swimming 5-6 laps before having to stop.  Doing several intervals.

Dec. 1997

22 Dec 1997 
Diary started

Purchased a great book on Triathelons.  Looks great - not what sure to
do about the bicycle.

2 Jan 1998

Swamm for 30 minutes staight.  Feels great. Tried racing turn a few
times, but get water up my nose. 

7 Jan 1998

Swam 1/2 mile at Ft. Mead!  Took about 40 minutes. Feels great.

8 Jan 1998

Swam for 30 min.  Not quite as good as yesterday.

7 May 1998
It has been some time since I last wrote here:  I have been doing 
more running than swimming - training for the Bay to Breakers and
Marine Corps Marathon.

Swims are up to 30-45 minutes though!